Is it possible to have your site running with a headless CMS in a serverless environment to leverage all of the benefits of serverless? Yes it is possible, it used to be a difficult task that required specific knowledge, but now with KOR it is something that anyone is able to do in a few minutes.

Before I start, what is a headless CMS? What does that even mean?

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Basically, in a headless CMS you will have a backend UI where you can create an API and serve content over multiple endpoints.

Then, on your front-end side, mobile app, or…

In this post I will show you how you can easily build a serverless Vue.js landing site (or front-end) with KOR. We will automate the “Building for Production” part and get you ready to focus on making cool websites.

Why serverless?

1. You don’t need to manage any servers or microservices.
2. Fast deployments.
3. Pay for only what you use.
4. Scalable to the moon.

Why KOR?

  1. Deployments can be done fast.
  2. You can combine CI with easy-to-follow templates.
  3. Updating a site to the latest version is a piece of cake.
  4. Centralized information about my infra “which is automatically…

What are we going to be using?

  1. KOR Framework
  2. AWS SES
  3. IAM

This is a continuation of one of my previous posts “Building a Serverless Vue.js Front End in just a few minutes”. I thought it would be useful to make the contact form at the bottom of the page actually work, and why not do it in a serverless way?

First I need to log into my KOR account. I will start by uploading a repository where I have my Lambda Function code. It looks like this:


const sendEmail = require('./sendEmail'); exports.handler = async (event, context) => {…

Hey folks,

Last time I wrote a simple tutorial on how to start a serverless Vuejs site. You can check it out here

After that was published I was asked if there was any easy way to add an ecommerce platform to that same landing site, and there is!

Before we start, I will show you how the final result looks:

What do you need?

If you followed my previous post, you already should have a

If you still don’t have any of this, go and check out my previous post.

The approach


Rodrigo Mencos Murga

DevSecOps Engineer. Passion for cybersecurity and coffee. — Building serverless stuff is fun.

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